Photography Safaris

Photographic safaris are the best way to learn about the wildlife, birdlife, and beautiful East African wilderness. Modest Tours & Travels is offering a selection of destinations and locations where we prefer to conduct our photographic safaris. These destinations are our preferred destinations for photographic opportunities.

Small groups only and a maximum of 6 people per safari is our capacity. The little group philosophy allows each participant a window seat. We make use of minivans and 4 x 4 safari vehicles.

Our photographic safaris focus on the travellers that have an interest in wildlife, bird life, cultures, and landscapes. The traveller that wants to experience Africa and learn how to capture these experiences with their camera’s. The is the perfect safari for amateur photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

We have decided to focus on unique destinations to conduct our photographic safaris. These safaris have scheduled departures. If you have a private group, you are welcome to contact us for availability.

Photographic Safaris

Our scheduled departures are lead by a professional safari guide. We cannot always guarantee the professional photographer on private and exclusive photographic trips. Our Guides are amateur photographers, but professional guides. This safari is not to teach you all to know about photography. This safari is to inform you about the interaction and behaviour of animals. We will offer the best possible positions to allow you to capture the best possible documentation of the animals.

Our safaris are focused on the best seasons to visit these national parks and game reserves. When it comes to photography, it is always a good season to participate. We invite you to join our photographic safaris and explore the East African wildlife with our experienced guides.

These Photographic Safaris will focus on specific regions. We believe it is better to focus on one park at a time and select the time frames for these trips. All our chosen parks have a unique difference in vegetation and landscape. Wildlife photography takes patience and fauna knowledge to capture the moments of Africa. Our Photographic Safari Leaders have experienced wildlife enthusiasts with a passion for Photography.

Understanding wildlife and the basics of photography will enable us to have the best chance of capturing the amazing animals of Africa. Our destinations are of the best in Eastern Africa. Every destination on our portfolio offers a vast difference in landscape and animal behaviour. Capturing the birdlife through your lens, give you the opportunity to develop your technique within wildlife photography.

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